Step 1: On a USB Flash Drive.

  • Format the flash drive (File system FAT32).
  • Download the last Firmware. Mag250 Mag254
  • Unzip the file to the Flash Drive.
    This will create on the Flash Drive, a directory mag250, containing 2 files.
    1. bootstrap
    2. imageupdate

Step 2: On Mag250 or Mag254

  • Enter The BIOS.
    Power off Mag250/Mag254 (Power Cable OUT).
    Press and hold «menu» button on the Remote, Power On Mag250/Mag254. (Insert Power Cable).
  • Select “Upgrade Tools”, pressing enter on the remote control to the right.
  • Select “USB Bootstrap”.
  • Connect the USB flash drive (USB back panel) and click OK to confirm the beginning of the update process.
  • Wait for the update, Mag250/Mag254 will reboot.